2008 Volume 7, Number 2

Morphological studies on rumen development in West African Dwarf goats (Capra hircus) (IC Nwaogu & DN Ezeasor) [Abstract] [PDF]


Neovascularisation of the ovary post ligation of ovarian vessels in bitches (CA Awasum, A.Z. Hassan, BD Remi-Adewumi, CR Achi, NDG Ibrahim, DK Raoul & RH Rafindadi) [Abstract] [PDF]

Retrospective studies on pullorum disease in chickens in Zaria, Nigeria (AM Wakawa, L Sa’idu, PA Abdu & PH Mamman) [Abstract] [PDF]

Disinfectant effects of Purit®, Z-Germicide® and Carcil® on bacterial isolates from hatcheries in Kaduna state, Nigeria (PH Mamman, HM Kazeem, JU Umoh, FB Mosimabale, CN Kwanashie & AM Wakawa)[Abstract] [PDF]

Testicular reperfusion injury, post ligation of the spermatic cord in Canine species (CA Awasum, AZ Hassan, E Ameh, NHY Mbibu, CR Achi, DK Raoul & II Onoja) [Abstract] [PDF]

Evaluation for sterility of four crystalloid solutions used in preservation of harvested canine kidneys intended for transplant (CA Awasum, PH Mamman, AZ Hassan, CR Achi, E Akpotabore & E David) [Abstract] [PDF]

Preliminary study of the epidemiology of ectoparasite infestation of goats and sheep in Makurdi, north central Nigeria (RA Ofukwu, CI Ogbaje & CA Akwuobu) [Abstract] [PDF]

Prevalence of Campylobacter jejuni in duck faeces around drinking water sources in Makurdi, north-central Nigeria (RA Ofukwu, AEJ Okoh & CA Akwuobu) [Abstract] [PDF]

Haematology of dogs infected with canine distemper virus (MCO Ezeibe & RI Udegbunam) [Abstract] [PDF]

A five-year survey of African Swine Fever outbreaks in Plateau State, Nigeria (NJ Luther, D Shamaki, TM Joannis & FO Fasina) [Abstract] [PDF]

Ethno-veterinary practices: the perception among the Fulani cattle rearers in Adamawa State, Nigeria (JS Neils, JO Nzalak, AKB Sackey & JO Okpara) [Abstract] [PDF]

Field trial of Malaysian thermostable Newcastle disease vaccine in village chickens in Kaduna State, Nigeria (JA Nwanta, JU Umoh, PA Abdu, I Ajogi, SC Egege & AA Adeiza) [Abstract] [PDF]

Prevalence of bovine tuberculosis using single comparative intradermal tubeculin test (SCITT) in Fulani herds in Nasarawa state, north central Nigeria (CA Yohanna, IF Ijabone & SIB Cadmus) [Abstract] [PDF]

Secondary sinusitis in a 7-year-old Part-Barb mare (WP Mshelia, II Onoja, A Andrew, Q Oparah & M Isiyaku) [Abstract] [PDF]

A survey on tick species infesting domestic birds sold at Sokoto central market, Nigeria (MDA Bunza, MM Yahaya, AS Muhammad & AR Saidu) [Abstract] [PDF]

Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from birds affected by natural outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1) in Nigeria (YG Dashe, HM Kazeem, PA Abdu, M Bello & M Odugbo) [Abstract] [PDF]

Brucellosis outbreak in a flock of seventeen sheep in Zaria (II Onoja, AJ Ajani, WP Mshelia, A Andrew, AB Ogunkoya, CR Achi & KW Sambo) [Abstract] [PDF]

Abattoir operations and waste management in Nigeria: A review of challenges and prospects (JA Nwanta, JI Onunkwo, VE Ezenduka, PO Phil-Eze & SC Egege) [Abstract] [PDF]

Phytochemical and acute toxicity studies on the ethanol roots extract of Gardenia sokotensis (SM Jodi, T Adamu, U Abubakar, MG Abubakar, S Adamu & VE Ukato) [Abstract] [PDF]




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