Onoja et al June 2011

Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 9(1):43-45

Severe horn-gore injury in a 5-year-old Bunaji bull and a 10-month old Yankasa ram-lamb: Case reports


II Onoja, WP Mshelia, B Usman, A Andrew, WK Sambo, ST Muhammad, BO

Ocheja & DE Awai


This paper reports two scenarios whereby goring injury sustained by a Bunaji bull and a Yankasa lamb were managed by pastoralists before the cases were presented to the Large Animal Clinic Unit of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Anamnesis of the cases presented was that the bull sustained injury 4 days prior to presentation while attempting to mount a cow. The lamb sustained goring injury inflicted by a bull 3 days prior to presentation. The herdsman unwillingly revealed that he had used procaine penicillin and an herbal preparation (ethnoveterinary medicine) prior to presentation of the bull. ‘Man-shanu’was applied topically on the horn-gore injury of the lamb by the client. The skin and muscles of both the bull and lamb were also severely lacerated. Evacuation of the haematoma, herbal (ethnoveterinary) preparation and repair of lacerated tissues were successfully performed in the bull while there was an unsuccessful attempt to manage the goring injury in the lamb. The clients were advised to avoid managing cases themselves and to promptly report cases to a nearby Veterinary Clinic.


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