March 2020 Volume 18 Number 1

 Prevalence and antibiotic susceptibility profile of Staphylococcusaureus from milk and milk products in Nasarawa State, Nigeria (A Yakubu, IO Abdullahi, CZ Whong & B Olayinka) [PDF]

 Prevalence of Salmonella organisms in fresh and smoke-dried fish within parts of Kaduna metropolis, Kaduna State, Nigeria (DO Esonu, BV Maikai & AJ Oghumu) [PDF]

 Retrospective study of dog bites and cases of rabies infected dogs in slaughter houses in Makurdi, Nigeria (PM Ikye-Tor, JK Kwaga, GSN Kia, JU Umoh & TJ Ikye-Tor) [PDF]

 Prevalence of mycotic agents isolated from skin lesions of trade horses in Obollor Afor, Enugu State, Nigeria (ON Okoroafor, E Aneru, JI Eze, IC Chukwudi, T Anagor, H Kazeem & AA Ngene) [PDF]

Comparison of electrocardiographic parameters of racing and non-racing horses in Sokoto Nigeria (B Saidu, AJ Ishaq, HM Ibrahim, A Dahiru, AM Abdullahi, AJ & C Onwuchekwa, N Abduazeez, NN Pilau, A Abdulrasheed & AJ Bamaiyi) [PDF]

  Toxoplasma gondii infection and risk factors associated with its spread at live bird markets in Katsina Metropolis, Nigeria (MB Aliyu, BV Maikai & AA Magaji) [PDF]

 Health hazards of abattoir effluents discharged from the Sokoto central abattoir, Nigeria (B Garba, MD Salihu, B Saidu & UG Rambo) [PDF]

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