Umar & Irefin 2013

Evaluation of the effects of intravenous anaesthesia using a combination of ketamine -medetomidine in Sahel goats

MA Umar* & KE Irefin

Department of Veterinary Surgery & Theriogenology,

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

University of Maiduguri

*Correspondence: Tel.:2348033499693, E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The anaesthetic and cardiopulmonary effects of the combination of ketamine-medetomidine for total intravenous anaesthesia were evaluated in six sahel goats. The goats were administered a combination of ketamine (5mg/kg) and medetomidine (0.01mg/kg) intravenously. Baseline measurements of heart rate, respiratory rate and rectal temperature were taken prior to drug administration and repeatedly, at ten minutes interval after induction of anaesthesia until the end of anaesthesia. Heart rate decreased from baseline value of 73.5±5.7 beats/minute and reached its lowest value at 40minutes (57.1± 4.8 beats/minute). Also respiratory rate decreased significantly from baseline value of 27.7±3.7 breaths/minute reaching its lowest value of 19.0 ± 4.6 breaths/minute at 50 minutes. Onset of anaesthesia was fast (1.2 ± 1.5min) and mean anaesthesia time was 97.1 ± 21.9min. Ketamine - medetomidine intravenous injection produced effective anaesthesia, muscle relaxation and immobilization in sahel goats. Recovery from anaesthesia was without complication.

Keywords: Anaesthesia, Goats, Intravenous, Ketamine, Medetomidine.

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