Damwesh & Ardo 2013

Detection of Fasciola gigantica antibodies using Pourquier ELISA kit

SD Damwesh* & MB Ardo

Department of Animal Science and Range Management; Modibbo Adama University of Technology Yola, Nigeria

*Correspondence: Tel.:+2348064642606, E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A cross sectional study using Pourqueir Enzyme Linked Immunorsobent Assay(ELISA) screening kit for Fasciola antibodies was conducted in breeding herds in two Local Government Areas of Adamawa state. The objectives were to determine the presence of Fasciola gigantica antibodies as a way of demonstrating the use of the ELISA screening method in breeding cattle, compare the occurrence of the disease in the two areas and to also determine if the kit can serve as a feasible antemortem diagnostic and screening approach in breeding herd in a tropical developing country with possible under current infection. Two hundred and twenty five (225) serum samples from breeding herds were randomly collected and used. The samples were drawn from both matured and immature male and female cattle of white Fulani, Adamawa Gudali, Red Bororo and Sokoto Gudali breeds. An indirect ELISA analysis method was employed using the protocol designed by the manufacturer. The validity of the test for each plate was carried out. Results confirmed the presence of Fasciola gigantica antibodies: 162 positive cases out of the 225 cattle sampled, which gave an overall prevalence of 72%. Antibodies detected by the ELISA reader indicates that the cattle were affected by the disease at different infestation levels (0=28%, +=11.1%, ++=13.7%, +++=47.1%). Analysis with a t-test paired sample statistics showed that there was no significant difference in fasciolosis (p>0.05) between the 2 local government areas. The assay detected antibodies in sera from cattle with natural Fasciola gigantic infection. Therefore the kit was found very effective in detection of fasciola infection in live animals. We conclude that the kit will be a valuable tool for diagnosing Fasciola gigantic infection in cattle.

Keywords: Cattle, Fasciolosis, gigantica antibodies, Pourquier ELISA, Prevalence, Sera sample.

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