Onoja et al June & December 2010

Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 8(1&2):12-17


Tuberculosis transmission amongst Pastoralists in Kaduna State, Nigeria


II Onoja , AB Ogunkoya , C Kudi , JU Okpapi & SIB Cadmus


This study was undertaken to investigate the possible transmission methods of tuberculosis (TB) infection among household members of pastoralists, previously diagnosed and treated for tuberculosis. Retrospective study was carried out to identify pastoralists being treated and or have been treated for TB. This was undertaken through the careful review of records between the year 2006 and 2007 for TB clinics’ attendees. 666 (46 %) patients had TB out of 1,437 patients that attended TB clinics during the study period. 4 (0.6 %) TB patients were herd owners in the study area following the trace-back result of TB patients’ record. After the retrospective study, a questionnaire survey of the household members was conducted. From the questionnaire survey, 13(59 %) were male household members. 3(14%) had BCG vaccination and 2(9%) had awareness of TB symptoms. 18(82%) consume unpasteurized milk and 20(91%) had close contact with cattle. This survey was able to find out two local methods which are possible ways of transmission of TB amongst pastoralists, that is, lubrication of teats prior to milking using saliva and drinking milk directly from cow’s udder. Pastoralists should be educated on the dangers of consumption of unpasteurized milk to prevent zoonotic transmission of TB.

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